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Without Limits

Get intensive training for the big event

Without Limits helps you push past limitations so you can reach your goals in your next race.

Without Limits Coaching offers a unique training opportunity that includes coaching and training in a team-centered atmosphere. Our certified coaches are both deeply experienced at driving results for clients and seasoned athletes who have competed in running events of all distances across the globe! Without Limits coaching has worked with novice athletes to complete their first 5k or full marathon elite athletes, four of which have qualified for the Marathon Olympic Trials. You can find us in the following locations: Wilmington, NC; Charleston, SC; Greenville, SC; Columbia, SC.

Check out our run coaching options or our endurance events that add to your journey! Your marathon training starts now.

Without Limits Coaching Program includes:

  • Daily running practice with strength and interval training
  • Walk to Run Programs
  • Beginner to Intermediate Programs
  • Intermediate to Advanced Programs
  • Half or Full Marathon Race Plan
  • Triathlon and Swimming Plans

Virtual Programs

Don’t be fooled—virtual coaching is more than just an online training plan. It’s an interactive, real-time tool that keeps you on track and training with a purpose. Daily workouts are delivered to you via email, and our software allows you to take your intervals with you on the go. You log your training and progress, and our certified coaches will keep you healthy and moving in the right direction.

This training option is available to all experience levels, in all locations with all different specialties and goals. That means you can have a training plan catered to your running, cycling, swimming or triathlon needs.

Fill out our sign-up form to get started. Our coaches will review your information and determine the best training options for you and your goals.

Virtual Coaching

Our 16–20 week written training plan includes:

  • Mileage plan per week
  • Race specific workouts
  • One phone call with certified coach to answer any questions about your plan
  • Follow up email for any other questions about plan

    (1:1) Session with Certified Coach

    • Race Day Preparation
    • Running Mechanics
    • Nutrition Plan for Training and Race Day
    • Course Training and Questions
    • In-person or on the phone