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What is the Percentage of Our Runners That BQ?

Dec 2, 2022

Qualifying for the Boston Marathon is a big goal for so many people!  Runners look for a fast and fairly flat running course so they can get into their pace groove without too many deviations.  The Wilmington Marathon course has very few turns.  It is a smooth point to point course from the beach side of New Hanover County to the Cape Fear River Side of the county (downtown).  In the first 11 miles runner only make 3 x 90 degree turns and in the 2nd half the course snakes around the lake but only has about 6-8 turns total in the entire 15 miles of course.

If runners are looking for a fast course HALF and FULL and want to get that personal best and/or BQ your chances in Wilmington are high.  With average lows in the low 40s and averages highs in the mid 50s, you have a good chance.