2021 Race Is On April 17th! Click here for details! - wilmingtonncmarathon.com

2021 Race Is On April 17th! Click here for details!

Mar 5, 2021


We have great news!

With guidance from the City of Wilmington, we are now able to move forward with the race planning! Thank you for your patience.

The race will have 50 people in waves every 8 minutes. (Unless mass gatherings increase before then)

Marathoners will go off first starting at 6am followed by Half Marathoners.

**Detailed participant information and pre-race videos will be coming closer to race day.  Thank you for your patience**

The Course will use downtown streets and Greenfield lake. One loop for the half, 2 loops for the full. It will NOT include the memorial bridges so, very flat and fast.

The course map is now available on the website: https://www.wilmingtonncmarathon.com/races/

Please also visit the updated:  FREQUESTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE.


We need you to log into your www.runsignup.com account.  Go to PROFILE —-Click on—–MANAGE REGISTRATION—-Then once you are in your portal go to QUESTIONS.  There you can change your estimated finish time based on your race.  Please be as accurate as possible.  This will help us place you in the same wave as others running a similar time as you.



You have until Sunday May 7th to defer to 2022 free, Go Virtual and have your items mailed to you, or transfer to another race.  You can find more about this by emailing www.wilmingtonncmarathon.com.

If you do not respond by Sunday March 7th we will assume you will be racing and there will be no other options to change your registration after that.

We certainly cannot thank you all for sticking with us!  This has been challenging but we have learned a lot and learn a lot of great things we will be implementing in the future.

See you April 16th and 17th.