Mar 17, 2020


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NHRMC Wilmington NC Marathon

March 21st, 2020 – Sat February 27, 2021
Thank you for your patience during this time.  We want to thank many of you for your comments in support of the decisions we made in the last week.  We want you to know we are in this with you.

The March 21st, 2020 event was going to be our 11th Annual.  Since the pandemic cancelled our race and every race across the country, we are offering you the choice of a deferment to 2021 or a Virtual option. The Virtual option will begin this Saturday March 21st through race day in 2021.

Many of you requested a virtual race option because you may not be able to attend next year. As mentioned above, we are offering a year long virtual event that will begin this Saturday March 21st, 2020. Read below the details of claiming your $0 deferral to 2021 or completing the Virtual Race.

Race day for 2021 is scheduled for SATURDAY FEBRUARY 27th, 2021

Please read the steps below to claim your free 11th Annual NHRMC Wilmington Marathon Registration:

Step 1: You will receive a private reserved link into the 2021 race in the coming hours. You can use this link to register.  If you cannot attend, it is transferable to someone else.  The link will expire September 1st, 2020.
Step 2: When you click on that link it will take you to the registration page
Step 3: Choose your event at a $0 cost

  • February 27, 2021 Events: If you choose to attend the 11th Annual race in 2021, you can register, and no further action is needed.  We appreciate your support and will see you in 2021.OR
  • Virtual Races If you choose the 11th Annual Virtual Half Marathon, Virtual Marathon or Virtual 5K you can complete those on your own and we will mail you your 11th annual medal, t-shirt and goody bag.  Once you are complete, submit your results here.


We want to take it a step up for our Virtual runners who want to complete their 11th Annual NHRMC Marathon remotely.

Submit your results via our virtual race page.  After your submission, we will then send you your bib, medal, t-shirt, the new Long Run Recovery formula by Runners Daily Vitamin and some other goodies to the shipping address provided.

Please send ( a selfie with your gear, medal and smile and we will post our virtual finishers on Facebook and Instagram as we receive them.

Just remember, its one or the other.  Use your $0.00 deferral for the 2021 race, or use your $0.00 deferral to the 11th Annual Virtual Race to get your swag and virtual results posted.  You MUST re-register for the virtual race at $0.00 to participate.

If you know you are racing with us Live next February 2021, please do not register for the virtual event or you will lose your $0.00 deferral.  All 11th Annual Swag is being moved to our 11th Annual event in 2021.


Here are some of our pointers to stay motivated!

  1. Reduce volume by 20%.  You might ask, aren’t I supposed to run more?  The situation we are experiencing is overwhelming.  Give your body a slight break in the mileage and put your efforts towards other forms of exercise that can benefit you long term as a runner.
  2. Get STRONG!  You can still run a little and do modified workouts, but get strong and work on your imbalances
  3. Keep strides in your plan.  Strides can always benefit you focusing on form and technique but keeping hard speed pounding to a minimum.
  4. Practice meditation and breathing: this can reduce stress and anxiety that you might feel from lack of racing, overwhelmed, or other stress you may have.
  5. Watch motivating movies or read motivating books!  BINGE on some motivation.  Write down goals for the fall and next spring.  SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS.  


If you choose our Virtual Option for the 11th Annual Race, you will receive FREE Without Limits Runners Essentials Long Run Recovery formula.  We hope you enjoy it.  Learn more about the Long Run Recovery Nutritional Shake!

NHRMC Wilmington NC Marathon

Wilmington, NC
Saturday March 21st, 202 – Saturday February 2, 2021